Lube Center Services and Oil Change in Houston

FREE 21 Point Car Check Up with all Oil Change Services!

*Fluids, Wipers, Filters, Tires and More! 
Lube with Free Car wash

Synthetic Oil Change

FREE 21 Point Car Check Up with all Oil Change Services!

*Fluids, Filters, Tires, Wipers, Car Wash, Vacuum and More!

Benefits of synthetic oil for your vehicle include better performance with high temperatures and transferring heat to help your engine run cooler. 

Synthetic oil lasts longer 

(10,000 - 12,000 mile drain interval = 3-4x normal oil). 

You will also see improved fuel economy and it's environmentally friendly. 

And synthetic oil prolongs the life of older engines.

It's your best option for an oil change in Houston.

Standard Oil Change

Our Standard Oil Change service includes 5 quarts, a Free 21 Point Car Check Up and Free Exterior Wash. 

Oil System Flush

Clear out deposits and open narrow oil passages clogged by gunk that's been floating around in the oil.

A system flush keeps your new oil clean. 

If your car had any engine work done, an oil system flush could wash away leftover particulates before adding new oil.

Lots of stop & go driving causes particles in the oil to become deposits in the engine, which can build up over time.

Even the best oil filters can't keep every particle out of the system. Clean up what the filter misses.

Fuel Injection Service

Cleaning your fuel injector system helps remove fuel build-up and deposits, clears the intake valves and cylinder heads and flushes out the entire fuel system. 

Cleaning the fuel system ensures your car performs efficiently, extends the life of your car's engine, improves engine performance and increases fuel economy.

Cabin Air Filter Service

The main purpose of your cabin air filter is to keep the air inside your vehicle’s cabin clean.  

It filters all of the air that comes through the car’s HVAC system to prevent pollutants such as dust, pollen, smog and mold spores from entering. 

When the air is dirty, the A/C works harder and the motor can burn up. 

State Inspections

Your State Inspection includes a Free Exterior Wash!